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Swinfen and Packington Parish Council

Background to Swinfen
& Packington Parish Council

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Until the mid 1960's Swinfen & Packington was a predominantly farm based parish - the exception being the houses at Botany Bay.

With the arrival on the scene of Swinfen Prison and the 55 houses built to accommodate staff, the balance shifted; coupled with changes within the agricultural industry, less than 10% of the current 273 voters are now engaged in agriculture.

Swinfen & Packington remains one of the smallest parishes within Lichfield District and the Parish Council has prided itself in having one of the lowest precepts per capita in the District.

The current 5 Parish Councillors work hard on the voters behalf and are always on the lookout for new members of the Parish Council. If anybody would care to consider becoming a member, please contact the Parish Clerk.

The Parish Council is always consulted on District and indeed County matters, and can always gain the ear of agencies such as Highways or Environment, should any voter have a grievance or point to make.

Whilst the Parish is the smallest cog in the process of government, the Parish Council likes to think it can make a difference.

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